Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds on my The "Reel lifestyle Program", but I can set up reasonable payment arrangements. I have found that when refunds were an option, my students had “one foot in” and “one foot out” of the work, and they were not fully committed to the program. Consider that this agreement is a leap of faith for both of us. I put my faith into your commitment to my coaching program, your willingness to want to learn and grow, and to put in the effort to grow your training and mindset skills in order for you to succeed. You, too, should have faith that I will put 100% of OUR TIME into making sure YOU have the right tools, knowledge and resolution to SUCCEED in your competition. Before purchasing my program, talk to me over the phone, video conference, e-mail, or reach out to me on social media. I am here FOR YOU!

I have yet to have a truly “bad” experience with any of my clients. My experience has taught me that open and honest dialogue from the very beginning—what your expectations are from me, and what you hope for yourself, and vice-a-versa—will create a solid foundation of trust between us, and accompanied by our restless work ethic, will pay off big dividends.

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